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David & Charles
Engels - Paperback | 2011

This is a practical, accessible guide to photographing nature and wildlife from one of the UK's top nature photographers. Suitable for all levels of photographer, 100 Ways to Take Better Nature and Wildlife Photographs features 100 practical and inspiring tips on every aspect of the genre. Guy Edwar... Meer
Imagine Publishing
Engels - Hardcover | 2010

Pete Oxford and Renee Bish spent a decade creating fresh and exceptional images of one of the worlds most remarkable placesand the result is this collection of once-in-a-lifetime shots. The two photographers have fashioned an unashamed celebration of the everyday life in the Galapagos that truly cap... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2009-09

Nick Brandt's portraits of some of the last surviving large mammals of East and Southern Africa reveal soulful beings who bear the individualized imprint of a life in nature. His new book reproduces 57 never-before published images in stunning tritone plates at large size. Photographer Nick Brandt h... Meer
University of Oklahoma Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2009-08

A stunning photgraphic legacy of the horse's reintroduction to North America.... Meer
David & Charles
Engels - Paperback | 2009-08

Weather World uses high-impact photography to visually celebrate the diversity and unpredictability of the weather in all its forms - from the benign beauty of a clear sky to the explosive impact of lightning and hurricanes. This is a fascinating and beautiful collection of photographs, ranging from... Meer
Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Engels - Paperback | 2009-08

Although they cover only one percent of the Earth's surface, reefs are home to more than 25 percent of all marine fish species. They are the largest living structures on the planet, created over millennia by countless tiny organisms. Reef is your opportunity to discover some of the most incredible w... Meer
Mountain Trail Press
Engels - Paperback | 2009-06

Today's digital cameras are wonderful creative tools for nature photographers, but they can be a challenge to master - a problem that is thoroughly solved by the lessons provided in this guide by 10 of the most respected nature photographers in America. Representing the knowledge of professionals wh... Meer
Guild of Master Craftsman Publications
Engels - Paperback | 2009-06

This is a comprehensive guide for all those who aspire to capture striking and beautiful wildlife images. Aimed at the keen amateur or semi-pro - without excluding or patronising the novice - these books give clear guidance on which types of camera to use, accessories such as zoom lenses and filters... Meer
Farcountry Press
Engels - Paperback | 2009-05

Montana is where the wild things arebaby wild things! This collection of candid and comical images by respected wildlife photographer Donald M. Jones is devoted entirely to the state's junior residents, from red fox kits to red-necked grebe chicks, great gray owlets to black bear cubs. Come along an... Meer
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Engels - Hardcover | 2009-05

As the French novelist Colette proclaimed, "There are no ordinary cats." And there's nothing ordinary about the fabulous felines in this stunning collection of cat characters. From the proud Abyssinian to the Classic Tabby, "The Cat's Pajamas" is a complete compendium of the world's cutest cats. <... Meer
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