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New Press
Engels - Hardcover | 208

This volume collects more than 200 Paris photographs by Eugene Atget, the much-beloved early master of the art. Based on a landmark exhibit at Paris' Musee Carnavalet, the text features unpublished photographs, displayed in a sequential fashion that shines light on Atget's working methods.... Meer
Rocky Nook
Engels - Paperback | 2011-12

The unusual perspective of a panoramic image creates a unique and intriguing visual experience for the viewer. Skillfully executed, panoramic photography can realize scenes which could otherwise never be captured in an image or seen with the naked eye. Panoramas offer new possibilities for creative ... Meer
Trolley Books
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-09

The Niger Delta is one of the most corrupt and dangerous places in the world for one reason - oil. Discovered in the Niger Delta in the 1950s, it soon triggered the development of a powerful oil industry. The people are poor that live in this oil-rich land, and the environment that surrounds them is... Meer
Elsevier Science & Technology
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-08

Discover the great advantages and benefits of working in the medium film format or with the large digital sensor units in Hasselblad digital cameras and digital backs. Presented in an easily accessible format, this book shows the working and manipulation of the various cameras. Detailed illustration... Meer
Duuren Media
Nederlands - Hardcover | 2011-07

Wilt u uw kennis van glamour- en naaktfotografie naar een hoger plan tillen? Of zoekt u hulp bij de talloze disciplines van naaktfotografie, van het werken met modellen tot het zoeken van geschikte binnen- en buitenlocaties?

Focus op fotografie: Glamour- & naaktfotografie is voorzien va... Meer

Amphoto Books
Engels - Paperback | 2011-06

The last chapter of this title offers advanced tips and techniques suitable for all skill levels. This book is perfect for anyone interested in shooting RAW and learning how to improve their photographs using the latest software. It is particularly geared to those just starting out with the format; ... Meer
Amphoto Books
Engels - Paperback | 2011-06

This is a definitive guide on the many faceted subject of photographing buildings. It is useful for both students and professional architectural photographers in need of trusted information and advice on the many faceted subject of photographing buildings. This is a definitive guide from an industry... Meer
Benteli Verlag
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-03

Struck by the immense contrasts between rich and poor, and becoming increasingly politicised, Christian Reinhardt began to trace the contradictory life of the North American metropolis. Here, where in the 1970s the First and so-called Third World existed only a couple of blocks apart, he took his pi... Meer
Gingko Press
Engels - Hardcover | 2011-01

This new, compact, portable version of the critically acclaimed bestseller, "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, " immerses the reader in a virtual tour of NYC at its most authentic from tiny stores tucked away on narrow side streets to well-known institutions.... Meer
Elsevier Science & Technology
Engels - Paperback | 2011

Canon Speedlites and Nikon Speedlights are small, off-camera flashguns that can provide big results - if you know how to use them properly. Acclaimed Boston photographers Lou Jones, Bob Keenan and Steve Ostrowski guide you through the technical and creative aspects of how to get the most out of thes... Meer
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